Here are notes from weekly meetings: proposed ideas, project updates, and annual planning.

Meeting April 7, 2019

Absent: Claire, Christina, Tim, Sim, Maddie, Brigid, Ryan, Caroline

  • Angela: Underclassman dance is April 26th (MORP?)

  • Protik: Sent emails about the Sunday snack time/anonymous AHC/DC questions

  • Angela/Chiji: Meeting w/ Ms. Melvoin tonight about a grade-wide manhunt

  • Angela/Whitney: National PJ day, writing a proposal

  • Chiji: Sophomore inclusion group is working on creating a dorm olympics for the sophomores

  • Gerry: Still working on gaining email privileges for student council members

  • Seth: Wants to keep the ice rink idea in mind for earlier this year, still working with Neil for the day student driving app

  • Whitney: Emailing Mr. Howe about getting new tennis score cards

Meeting March 31, 2019

Absent: Tim, Seth

  • Brigid: Submitted Scooters privilege, shut down by the SLO

  • Sophie: Submitted senior privileges proposal, hopefully we’ll hear back this week!

  • Gerry: Emailed IT about email privileges, hopefully we’ll hear back soon!

  • Angela: Sophomore man-hunt game after check-in was proposed— idea is approved the dates just need to be set

  • Ryan: Asked Mr. McCarthy for butter in the Greer, he said no because it’s unhealthy and requires more work for the staff

  • Ryan: New idea—Wants to get teacher duty nights on DAInfo

  • Protik: New idea—Snack time on Sundays

  • Protik: Plans on continuing with the anonymous AHC and DC questions

  • Caroline: Senior feed this spring!

  • Elena: Printer in Crow is working very well

  • Claire: There isn’t enough space for the waffle iron for students in the dining hall, she wants to keep pushing Mr. McCarthy

  • Christina: New idea—Panini maker in the mornings or at walk through

  • Caroline: New idea—Pasta bar, plans on bringing it to food committee

  • Claire: Sophomore library privileges, wants to reconsider the criteria for these privileges

  • Claire/Maddie: March Madness is going well! Gift card and banner will be the prizes!

  • Maddie: Day student cubbies were put into sophomore dorms

  • Christina: New idea—Ice makers in the dorms

  • Angela: Working on the underclassmen dance, trying to schedule a date

  • Sim: Spoke to Mr. McCarthy about getting newspapers in the dining hall for brunch. Concerns are who would pick up the newspapers and who would clean them up. Plans on talking to Mr. Carroll about it further.

  • Protik/Tim: Plan on talking to Josh about how to run faculty Gotcha!

  • Elena: Working on slowing down the speed that the dining hall doors

  • Sim: Doors to the athletic center close at 10 on weekends and it’s difficult to go place

Meeting February 24, 2019

Absent: Sim, Christina, Seth

  • Brigid: Senior Valentine’s Day soirée went great

  • Willy: Working on pushing back the time where they take away cereal and bagels at brunch

  • Whitney: went SPC meeting and wrote up a proposal for the speakers— almost positive that three of them were ordered

  • Gerry: Spoke w/ Ms. Creagh and Ms. Butz about potentially changing the emailing privileges about sending school-wide emails, drafted a proposal to Ms. Creagh

  • Gerry: Spoke w/ Ms. Creagh and Mr. Finan about Camp Beckett: should there be more than one Camp Beckett opportunity? One at the beginning of the year and one at the end? Should there only be one at the end of the year?

  • Maddie: Mapped out locations for cubbies with Ms. Melvoin— they’re about the start the building process of the cubbies. They day student cubbies will be located in almost every dorm

  • Angela and Maddie: Skate rental idea is not going through because their removing the ice

  • Angela: Sophomore soirée went alright— the issue was that people just wanted to hang out with their friends rather than meet new people. They’re planning a “forced interactions” feed to break up the cliques

  • Angela: Underclassmen movie night had around 130 people! Went pretty well, the movie was a little inappropriate and the snack weren’t super successful

  • Elena: Printer in Crow is working! There are some students who know how to fix the printer and who work in Crow. Need to figure out a system for replacing paper quickly

  • Elena: Wants the dining hall doors to stop swinging open so fast, many people have gotten concussed, going to write a proposal

  • Maddie and Claire: School-wide March Madness

  • Claire: Plans to email Ms. Melvoin and Mr. Carroll about the sophomore library privileges

  • Angela: Sophomore girls made a group chat, plans to email Ms. Melvoin about an after check-in hide and go seek game for sophomore girls

Meeting February 17, 2019

Gerry, Sophie, and Angela attended a Student Council conference at Loomis

Meeting January 27, 2019

Absent: Brigid, Ryan, Sim, Protik

  • Claire: Mr. McCarthy said he would speak to the dhall committee about adding another waffle iron

  • Whitney: Went to Ms. Creagh about the portable speakers, and Ms. Creagh said she would handle it

  • Seth: Met with Seth, and all Seth needs to do is design the features and Neil will put it together

  • Christina: Met with Mr. Barbato about the Silent Disco/getting disco ball for the barn. Barbato said they’re getting movable lights for all the gyms! Silent Disco is being considered, it might have to be a combination of two dances. Barbato asked for our help with the Big DJ event. Barbato also wants to improve SPC/Student Council relationships. Thoughts on another upperclassmen movie for the spring?

  • Angela/Maddie: (new idea) Skates available to borrow during Friday Night Hockey

  • Elena: Ms. Butz found a printer that would work and it’s getting set up!

  • Caroline: Contacting Mr. Bicknell about Valentine’s Day Soirée

  • Chiji: Tables are on DAinfo!

  • Angela: Got feedback about the sleepover form, plans to meet with Ms. Creagh this week to discuss further

  • Willy: Planning on seeing Mr. Barbato about Mario Kart tournament

  • Gerry: Loomis Student Council conference on February 17th, (new idea) Student Council “open hours” in the Greer on the weekends

  • Angela: (new idea) Diner runs on the weekends

  • Seth: (new idea) Hockey rink on the lower fields/baseball fields

Meeting January 20, 2019

Absent: Brigid

Conferenced-in: Mina

  • Chiji/Angela: 10th Grade Valentine’s Day Soirée will be Sunday, February 10th

  • Caroline: Commencement Necklaces: approved and price lowered! Optional bracelets are available as well

  • Claire: 9th/10th grade feed is all set! Chips, guac, and salsa

  • Claire: 5th waffle maker, emailed Mr. McCarthy, he thinks it’s a great idea, but not sure if it’s possible

  • Whitney: Portable speakers for the future, reaching out to SPC and the Cheerleaders

  • Angela: Underclassmen movie is moved to the weekend of February 16th

  • Seth: Going to email Neil about the RideShare program

  • Christina: (new idea) Silent Disco, reach out to Mr. Barbato

  • Elena: Village Printer approved by Ms. Butz and is looking to relocate a printer to Crowe

  • Caroline/Brigid: Valentine’s Day Soirée for seniors is in progress

  • Chiji: Emailed Ms. Butz about putting the dining hall tables on DAinfo

  • Angela: Wrote a proposal for weekend sleepover forms on DAinfo, sending it in this week

  • Mina: Emailing Mr. Woodward about tweaks to the Bubble Tea

  • Willy/Seth: Mario Kart tournament, reaching out to Colin Olson

  • Tim: Mr. Howe got back to him and hours for the community in the Field House have been restricted!

  • Protik: Possibly open up the conference call to the rest of the school for our meetings

Meeting January 13, 2019

Absent: Elena, Tim, Mina

  • Chiji got the Valentine’s Day Soirée approved for the 10th grade for Wednesday, February 13th

  • Caroline is still on top of the commencement necklaces

  • Maddie is meeting with Ms. Melvoin this week about day student lockers

  • 9th/10th grade winter feed is coming up on January 23rd. Claire is on top of it.

  • Claire is wondering if we could get waffle makers available every day at breakfast—> plans to bring it up with Mr. McCarthy

    • St. Paul’s has one

  • Sim emailed Mr. McCarthy about adding a fifth waffle maker at Sunday Brunch to speed up the line

  • Sim is working on finding a space on campus for a student kitchen

  • Whitney was curious if we could buy some portable speakers for the coming years

  • Angela went to the SPC meeting so there will be an underclassmen movie night on January 27th. 10th graders pick the movie, 9th graders pick the snacks

  • Seth emailed Neil about Day Student Rideshare program

  • Seth is working on a clothing drive for the end of the year

  • Brigid wants a senior Valentine’s Day Soirée

  • Protik wants to try the dial-in call next meeting

Meeting January 6, 2019

Absent: Sim, Willy, Caroline, Mina, Protik

  • Whitney got the coat racks in the gym!

  • Angela met with Mr. Woodward about the Greer orders app and he gave a lot of constructive criticism about how to improve the idea

  • 9th/10th Grade Reps got an underclassmen movie approved

  • Tim is having a meeting with Ms. Creagh and Mr. Howe about kids in the fieldhouse and regulating the hours

  • Tim spoke with Emma in the gym and the iPad for music in the gym idea was vetoed because there is already an AUX in the gym office that can be used by students.

  • Tim is working on extending gym hours on the weekend

  • Christina wants to work on a farewell to Dr. Curtis (something to do with the theme of gratitude?)

  • Christina is going to talk to Mr. Barbato about getting a disco ball for 80s night in the new rink

  • Elena met with Ms. Butz and the request for the printer has been sent into the finance office

  • Chiji spoke with Ms. Melvoin about a 10th grade Valentine’s Day soirée

  • Caroline is contacting Ms. Persons about commencement necklaces

  • Claire wants to do a Bingo Night in the Greer with prizes

  • Mina got Bubble Tea in the Koch!

Meeting December 2, 2018

Absent: Tim, Christina, Seth, Mina, Maddie

  • Maddie is working on day student lockers

  • Merging Student Council and SPC budgets

  • Angela going to communicate with Film Club to start more frequent movie viewings

  • Brigid met with Ms. Creagh about scooters for seniors in the spring

  • Willy trying to facilitate the Greer Delivery App

  • Sim has an idea to get newspapers for Sunday Brunch

    • used papers could be put into the iLab

  • Protik: anonymous DC/AHC question box

    • possibly answered by AHC/DC members

  • Protik: Interdorm activities

  • Gerry: new happy birthday song

  • Chiji: Reaching out to Ms. Creagh about LM doors

Meeting November 4, 2018

Absent: Tim, Protik, Caroline

  • Angela pushed back Restrictions until 8:30

  • Halloween Costume Contest was successful!

    • Good work, Angela and Ryan

  • Chiji has reached out to Ms. Creagh to fix the door in LM— plans to fix it over Thanksgiving Break

  • Online sleepover form

    • Whitney

  • Pool Party

    • Willy will reach out to Mr. Barbato

  • Mental Health Day— perhaps one a term?

    • Mina will write a proposal and maybe send it to Ms. Creagh

  • Choate Day Shirt

    • Sim and Whitney

  • Elena is working on Crow printer

  • Maddie is working on a Day Student space

Meeting October 21, 2018

Absent: Sim, Mina

  • Chirstina’s acai bowls were a success at brunch today!

  • DAinfo App idea was shut down (for now) Chiji

  • Day Student Network App will get going this winter

  • Graduation Speaker, Brigid

  • The regular straws are coming back

  • 9th/10th Grade integration feeds this Tuesday

  • Dress Code Experiment reactions

    • trial month rather than a trial term to leave the second month to more experimentation

    • if the health center announced it— “legs must be covered” gender equity approach

    • doesn’t really solve the overall problem

    • Meeting with Dr. Curtis Tuesday after sit down— Sophie, Caroline, Claire, Whitney, Angela, Christina

  • Joint Meeting with SPC to discuss the Haunted House

    • 8:30 pm to 10:45 pm

    • 12:30-1:30: Christina, Brigid

    • 1:30-2:30: Willy, Caroline

    • 2:30-3:30: Elena, Sophie

    • 3:30-4:30: Whitney, Claire

    • 4:30-5:30: Angela, Ryan

    • 5:30-6:30: Maddie, Protik

    • 6:30-7:30: Caroline, Chiji, Seth

No Meeting October 14, 2018- Parent’s Weekend

Meeting October 7, 2018

Absent: Seth, Mina, Christina, Protik

  • Caroline started filming a Choate Day video

    • plans on going to IT to get another computer for storage

  • Trick-or-Treating on campus

    • Caroline and Elena

  • Halloween Costume Contest

    • Ryan and Angela

  • Junior Feed is all set up for Tuesday

    • Sim

  • Pick up orders at the Greer (sort of like Uber eats)

    • Willy and Angela

  • Hooks in the Fitness Center

    • Whitney

  • Push Restrictions Back to 8:30

    • Sophie

  • Scooters for Senior Privileges

    • Brigid

  • Pandora Premium in the gym or iPad in the gym

    • Tim

  • DAinfo App

    • Chiji

No Meeting September 30, 2018

Student Council Elections for 9th and 10th grade

Meeting September 23, 2018

Absent: Matt, Protik, Gerry

  • Senior time for college applications, a compromise was met and the college advisors are having an open house on Oct. 9th

    • Sophie

  • St. Paul’s Day— asking everyone to promote

  • Choate Day video

    • Caroline

  • Day Student Rooms, Day Student BBQ, Bubble Tea in the Koch

    • Mina

  • Smoothie Bowls— making toppings more accessible (combo deal), special in the Greer

    • Christina

  • Fall, Winter, Spring 9th/10th grade feeds— on the calendar, Bingo Night in the Greer

    • Claire

  • Junior Feed on the 9th or 10th

    • Sim

  • Crossword Puzzles/Sudoku on the Bulletin/in the Scroll

    • Christina

Meeting September 16, 2018

Absent: Tim, Mina

  • Senior Privileges

    • Plans to meet with Ms. Creagh

  • Dates for Halloween Haunted House/Student Council Elections

  • Increase open dorm use

    • Post in the forum weekly?

  • Quotes on the wall in the new Field House

    • Claire

  • Caroline wants to restart DA Noteworthy

  • Brother/Brother Sister/Sister feeds 9th/10th graders

    • Claire/Sophie

  • Day Student Ride-Share program

    • Seth

  • Online orders for the Greer/Koch for Wednesdays

    • Willy

Meeting May 6, 2018

Absent: Eric, Alex, Lily, Andrew, Claire

  • Updating Student Council website

    • Joshua will do

  • Sophie met with Dr. Hills last Monday about college application day, went to department chair meeting and presented

    • Ms. Frank backed her up, Dr. Hills too

    • a lot of people supportive but faculty skeptical about giving up class/hw time

    • ran out of time at the meeting

      • some ideas:

        • no co-curric night for everyone?

    • will follow up with Dr. Hills

  • Ned/Caroline talked to Mr. Bicknell about 2019 barbeque

    • he was supportive

    • will figure out time

  • Christina talked to Creagh, Finan said that it was safety issue, will have safety audit in summer

  • Josh will ask about Student Council having say in Academy Event

  • more representation in student government?

    • alliance leaders/etc. meeting with student council to bring up issues?

      • Ned, Josh, Sophie brought this up

  • soap hockey

    • Whitney and Willy

  • senior cereal feed

    • tuesday after curfew

  • no senior lock-in but extended curfew night (1am?)

  • prom next year, Jill asking to have it earlier so kids don’t have to come late from away games

  • Tim, Whitney, Christina, asking about getting grade feed but partnering sister/brother dorms

  • Accounting student council budget, more transparency (i.e. spending money), keeping track of items we own)

    • Josh will explore this idea

  • Girls football game, Barbato still not responding, Claire will work on this fall

  • Howe said that it's good to have hooks in Fitness Center

    • Whitney

  • Kelly hasn’t responded to Mina about Day Student Dinner at beginning of year, she will email Creagh

Meeting April 29, 2018

  • Jill: lock-in for seniors most likely weekend of 18th and 19th

  • Student Council Chair Election

    • President Election May 7

    • will be on May 13

  • umbrellas for outdoor tables

    • Whitney will work on next fall

  • coat racks in gyms

    • Whitney emailed Creagh, maybe will happen over summer/in fall

  • Seth emailed Day Parents Network about Day Student Network

  • Sophie trying to figure out timing for College Application Day

    • working on how to fit that into the schedule - one day, or split it into multiple days?

    • will be required event

    • deciding between weekend and weekday

  • Juniors will start planning lock-in

  • Big Brothers (Ned) will have wiffleball, spikeball after sitdowns

  • sophomore library privileges - Tim O’Brien - a lot of people asked him whether they can get it based on spring mid-term (he will ask Creagh)

    • better way to cut off other than grades?

  • ice cube trays in dorms: Josh has marked New Dorm, Mac, Bewkes so far with Sharpie and put them in dorms (in the process of finishing

  • Ms. Creagh, Dr. Curtis, Mr. Finan met about one or two signs welcoming people into DA

    • will reach out to them about how it went

  • Claire has been trying to reach out to Barbato multiple times (email, office), will try to schedule in fall

  • Willy asked Creagh why Friday and Saturday curfew are different

    • she said that she doesn’t know but they can’t change it

  • Creagh told Claire that vending machine wouldn’t come until next year

    • but also there’s an initiative by a parent to take them out (healthy eating)

  • Mina says that air mattresses missing, will figure out where they are


Meeting April 22, 2018

Absent: Alex, Lily, Jill, Andrew, Ned, Christina, Willy

Ned going to SPC meeting

Josh received ice trays for all floors.

Claire checking about Vending machine in hess

Caroline working on class of 2019 barbeque

Sophie continuing to work on Senior College application day

Seth - Clothing drive for class dress clothing (more advertised).

Meeting April 15, 2018

Amelia, Eric, Alex, Lily, Jill, Andrew, Sophie, Caroline, Joshua, Ned, Mina, Tim, Whitney, Christina, Irvin, Claire, Willy, Seth

Absent: Alex, Lily, Andrew, Caroline, Joshua

  • Senior Privileges

    • will be in effect after parents weekend

  • 2019 Barbeque

    • Caroline and Ned will speak to barbato

  • Mario Kart tournament

    • Willy will speak to Barbato

  • curfew being the same time on Friday and Saturday

    • Willy will speak to Creagh

  • decided on 5:15pm Sunday night meeting time

  • Jill received news that lock-in probably April 28th

  • Girls Football League

    • Claire and Jill emailed Barbato for second time, still hasn’t responded but she will go to his office

  • College Apps Day for 2019

    • Sophie spoke to Dr. Hills, he seems receptive, they are going through schedule

    • seniors won’t have homework/co-curric sort of like an Academy Event

  • Air Mattresses

    • Creagh said that there are four in the village, we should distribute them to dorms across campus (SLO budget is short to buy more)

  • Vending Machines

    • Creagh said that she is on board but will ask Mr. McCarthy

  • Entrance Signs

    • Christina emailed Creagh and Creagh will meet with Dr. Curtis and Mr. Finan

  • Color Run

    • Christina and Caroline working on it still

  • Spikeball nets

    • Barbato brought four more

    • Tim put two between Mac/Field and two in Village/LM/JL quad

    • any way to make sure they stay in those locations for the next year?

      • Tim will write “Deerfield Academy” on them

Meeting April 8, 2018

Amelia, Eric, Alex, Lily, Jill, Andrew, Sophie, Caroline, Joshua, Ned, Mina, Tim, Whitney, Christina, Irvin, Claire, Willy, Seth

Absent: Alex, Christina

  • Senior Privileges

    • Eric will ask about scooters for seniors and parietal privileges

    • Eric will ask about when Senior Privileges are being sent back and when Senior Skip Day is

  • Inflatables at the River

    • Lily working on getting some

  • Senior Gift?

    • Andrew will ask about precedent, etc.

  • Senior Lock-in

    • Jill still waiting on update about chaperone

  • Girls Football League

    • no response from Barbato, Claire and Jill will probably go to office

  • Newspapers in dining hall

    • Creagh gave Andrew contacts for Holyoke News Delivery, he will get cost from them

  • Athletic Hall of Fame

    • Andrew will meet with Howe this week Thurs/Friday

  • Day Student Network

    • Melvoin said it was a good idea, waiting response and will contact IT

  • Spikeball nets

    • Tim asked Creagh, she can get four from Student Life Budget

  • Vending Machine in Hess

    • Amelia and Claire will work on that

  • Mario Kart Tournament

    • Willy and Whitney will organize it, Friday or Saturday night in the Greer and/or Hess


Meeting April 1, 2018

Absent: Lily, Ned, Mina, Whitney, Willy

  • Talent Show

    • Irvin couldn’t find faculty judges, we will instead have stuco judges

  • College App Day next year for seniors

    • Sophie finding a date

    • spoke to Mr. Spencer about logistics (i.e. he said it would be best to split up locations)

  • Mud/Color Run

    • Caroline and Christina will contact Creagh/Barbato

  • “Welcome to Deerfield” sign

    • Christina will look into it

  • Day Student Network - i.e. day students looking for rides back home when their parents are not available

    • Seth contacted Ms. Melvoin and Deerfield Parents Network

  • Having newspapers in dining hall every morning (i.e. NYTimes, WSJ)

    • Andrew will contact Creagh/McCarthy

  • Athletic Hall of Fame

    • Howe didn’t show up to scheduled meetings, Andrew will try again

  • 9th Grade Feed

    • Claire organized, happened in the Crowe, big success

  • Senior Class Lock-In

    • Jill has confirmed tentative date April 28th

    • Bicknell is looking for faculty members to supervise

    • Jill will meet with Bicknell again, will ask about whether we can use pool (i.e. lifeguards)

  • Girls Football League

    • Jill and Claire will work on making that happen - many girls are interested

  • Gotcha (game will begin next Monday at lunch)

    • Alex and Andrew running the normal one

    • Caroline, Christina, Claire, Josh will work on faculty version

Meeting March 4, 2018

Attendance: Lily, Seth, Willy, Claire, Caroline, Alex, Ned, Tim, Christina, Sophie, Irvin, Whitney, Andrew

  • Irvin

    • meeting SPC tonight to discuss Deerfield Idol

    • faculty “commentators”?

      • no faculty interest

    • announcement will be made on Monday

  • Sophie

    • met with Ms. Creagh and Mr. Spencer - they are all for it

      • getting day next year for seniors to work on college apps

    • suggested: have Chair elections after President elections this year?

    • Sophie will mention idea of color run tomorrow

  • Lily

    • talked with Dr. Curtis - in the future classes will have a lot more control in choosing commencement speaker

  • Alex

    • 3-4 weeks ago, met with Creagh

      • open common room in every dorm

      • all-gender dorm proposal (will submit) (should be in this week or during break)

      • more privileges for students in relationships for parietals

  • Willy

    • met with Mr. Barbato about Wii night

      • he wants to make a bracket - Mario Kart or something

  • Claire

    • got feed set up for 9th graders on March 30th

      • dining hall with provide ice cream and toppings

      • 10:30-11pm in the Crowe

  • Whitney

    • ongoing conversation with Ms. Creagh about students getting Academy Events

      • next one has to be instrumental (music)

      • she said that there could be two or three students sitting in on the committee

  • Christina

    • color run/ mud run at Deerfield?


Meeting February 25, 2018

  • Amendment to have only ONE day student council representative

    • Yes

      • Ned Willy, Josh, Andrew

    • No

      • Lily, Claire, Alex, Brigid, Caroline

    • Abstain

      • Irvin

  • Amendment NOT passed


Meeting February 18, 2018

Claire, Jill, Andrew, Tim, Whitney, Christina, Ned, Irvin, Brigid, Josh, Claire, Eric, Amelia

  • Irvin

    • got chopsticks done for noodles at walk-through

    • still working on Deerfield Idol

  • Ned

    • basketball tournament a success

  • Whitney

    • going to meet with Academy Events committee/Creagh

    • will ask Creagh about umbrellas at tables outside

  • Andrew

    • will set up meeting with Jill, Howe about Athletics Hall of Fame

  • Brigid

    • talked to Ms. Creagh about scooters again

      • will have a maintenance team who will check up once a week

      • Arthur Yao contacted her about helping out with scooters

  • Claire

    • working with Willy for wings and ice cream feed in Greer for 9th grade

  • Christina

    • thinking about feed for sophomores

  • Ned

    • mini-golf course for the Spring? Spring Day

  • Claire

    • working on girls flag football game with Jill

Meeting February 11, 2018

Alex, Sophie, Caroline, Jill, Andrew, Willy, Christina, Tim, Whitney, Irvin, Claire, Brigid, Ned, Eric, Amelia, Lily

  • Alex - financial aid students - donation box for class dress?

  • Connecting Student Council and SPC

    • Lily, Jill reached out to Barbato and he seemed on board

    • SPC members want to keep their meetings confidential

    • have stuco reps go to their meetings*

  • Recognizing Deerfield “Hall of Famers” in the new athletic center

    • old pictures, dedications

    • Andrew, Claire, Sophie will reach out to Howe/Ms. Barbato

  • Willy - Getting games (i.e. Mario Kart on Wii in the Greer)

  • Whitney - in the past, during last year of a head of school they had a head of school day every term

Meeting January 28, 2018

Attendance: Jill, Alex, Willy, Irvin, Caroline, Sophie, Lily, Whitney, Christina, Tim, Brigid, Claire, Eric, Amelia

  • Irvin’s suggestion box:

    • “change back athletic awards format at school meeting”

      • put a strict cap on coach speeches

  • Caroline

    • emailing Mr. Howe about possible athletic award change

  • Sophie

    • emailing Ms. Creagh about potential day next year for seniors to work on college apps

  • Whitney    

    • talked to Creagh about having student input when deciding academy events

    • Creagh

  • Jill

    • senior class lock-in postponed to the spring

    • will talk to Barbato about connecting SPC and Student Council

  • Irvin

    • chopsticks in the dining hall

    • will contact Creagh, who will contact McCarthy

  • Tim

    • met with Creagh about shortened study hours for sophomores

    • for the most part seemed on board, Tim will write proposal

  • Willy

    • will write email draft to Melvoin about study hall

    • will contact Josh about feeds, wants upperclassman-underclassman

  • Claire

    • ninth grade feed, will talk to Melvoin

  • Brigid

    • working on scooter project

    • different models

    • checkout system?

  • Senior privileges

    • dress down Friday for seniors during the Spring

Meeting January 21, 2018

  • Brigid, Jill, Alex, Andrew, Claire, Whitney, Christina, Tim, Willy, Irvin, Sophie, Caroline, Josh

    • Sophie and Caroline

      • day next year for writing college apps - will reach out to Creagh

    • Willy

      • freshman study hall privileges again

    • Alex

      • met with Creagh

        • suggesting open common rooms in every dorm

        • extra privileges for parietals in committed relationships

          • Jill says: based on age?

          • Josh says: senior privilege?

        • Exeter and Andover: all gender halls and dorms, Creagh was encouraging

          • Denunz might work

    • Sophie

      • modifying gender-binary language in Deerfield’s dress code?

    • Can we make changes to the disciplinary system?

    • Jill

      • many of our organizations step on each other’s toes (i.e. SPC, stuco, food committee)

        • will meet with Mr. Barbato

    • Brigid

      • Creagh on board with scooters, buying

      • talked to Creagh about day student feed

    • Amelia

      • working on food truck day

        • Mexican food

        • sweets

        • keep dining hall open

        • spring weekend with a lot of home games

Meeting January 7, 2018

ttendance: Whitney, Lily, Sophie, Caroline, Brigid, Ned, Tim, Irvin, Andrew, Willy, Jill, Claire, Alex, Eric, Amelia

  • Brigid

    • asked Day Student facebook group on next Monday (15th) vs Fac Break in a month

  • Lily

    • organizing winter day

  • Irvin

    • mailbox in place, right side of foyer in dhall

  • Jill

    • lockin definitely going to happen

    • Bicknell looking for chaperones

    • squash courts as sleeping space/movie + west gym

  • Sophie

    • staff appreciation day/week?

  • Get back to everyone going to United Councils Conference

  • Freshman reps

    • can’t shower during first part of study hall

    • must stay at desk for entirety

Meeting December 10, 2017

Attendance: Ned, Sophie, Tim, Whitney, Christina, Irvin, Andrew, Willy, Lily, Brigid, Amelia, Eric

  • more frequent buses for hockey games (dangerous going up and down)

    • Andrew

  • Irvin’s mailbox in Creagh’s office → can get anytime schoolday → will put in dining hall

    • Irvin

  • ski fundraiser Sunday Feb 11, will contact Creagh about

    • “one revolution foundation”

    • Tim

  • Amelia’s mattresses are in

    • need people to distribute (2 guys 2 girls)

  • Tuesday lunch for stucou photo

  • winter day still happening

    • Lily

Meeting November 9, 2017

  • Attendance: Eric, Amelia, Brigid, Tim, Willy, Irvin, Josh

  • Irvin

    • They like his mailbox idea, should cost $60 to buy mailbox with key

      • Assign mailbox duties

    • Extend Greer hours by 15 minutes on weekdays

      • Creagh says she will try

    • “Deerfield Idol” weekend event

      • Faculty judges?

        • Could cross some boundaries

      • Ms Creagh likes the idea

  • Willy

    • Supposed to meet with Ms. Creagh on dress code

  • Amelia

    • Senior table heads? → in place of faculty member once in awhile at sitdown

    • Some type of walk-through meal, eat anywhere

Meeting November 2, 2017

Attendance: Willy, Tim, Ned, Sophie, Alex, Lily, Whitney, Christina, Caroline, Claire, Andrew, Irvin

  • Willy:

    • peaking to Creagh about wearing jackets

      • ill email to set meeting

    • will talk to Dr. Hills about midterms

  • Tim

    • February fundraiser - "One Revolution" - skiing for charity, wants to get bus to go to slopes

  • Ned

  • Sophie

    • needs projects

    • talking to Mr. Howe

    • talked to Colin from SPC, futsal tournament in the winter

  • Alex

  • Lily

    • talking about beanbags to Barbato

  • Whitney

  • Caroline, Claire and Christina

    • working on Choate Day hype video

  • Claire

  • Andrew

  • Choate Week Themes:

    • Monday: Meme Day

    • Tuesday: Twin Day

    • Wednesday: Co-Curiccular

    • Thursday: Hall day

    • Friday: Green and white class dress

Meeting October 26, 2017

  • Attendance: Irvin, Andrew, Sophie, Christina, Whitney, Tim, Willy, Brigid, Claire, Josh, Caroline, Ned, Jill

  • Irvin

    • suggestion box: will talk to Creagh

    • dining hall

    • wants to extend Greer by fifteen minutes: might not work though

  • Andrew

    • emailed Howe about hockey rink: he said that FNHL might happen every other week

  • Sophie

    • still organizing game of the week with Platt

  • Christina

    • have a date for 9th and 10th grade feeds

    • food organized

    • will get speaker for music

  • Whitney

    • working on smores feed with Tim: emailed Ms Melvoin and she hasn’t responded?

    • idea: umbrellas for outdoor tables

    • idea: movie nights in the Hess

  • Tim

    • for feeds canceling the one between JDubbs and HS, since there is a cookout the night before

    • Willy

    • will talk to Dr. Hills about freshman midterms

  • Brigid

    • a lot of positive feedback with 101 things: Yale dean, alumns!

  • Claire

    • still contacting Melvoin about 9 and 10th grade feed, finding date

  • Josh

  • Caroline

    • costume party: 11th grade feed on Halloween

  • Ned

    • needs more responses for Big Brother form

    • give to proctors to hand forms out

    • Greer date with Gale if you score at hockey games

  • Jill

  • Eric

    • Koch open from 7:30am on exam days

  • Amelia

    • got air mattresses: need to distribute

    • Choate week days ideas

Meeting October 12, 2017

Attendance: Whitney, Ned, Sophie, Caroline, Brigid, Alex, Lily, Andrew, Joshua, Willy, Irvin, Tim, Christina, Jill, Claire

  • Ned - inter-class feeds

  • Sophie - McCarthy said that no to-go containers in dining hall because food left outside and could go bad

  • Willy - asking Creagh about dress code - replacing blazers with jackets on rainy day.

  • Brigid and Joshua - will work on updating the website

    • need to publicize “contact us” box for suggestions

  • Jill - meeting with Mr. Bicknell next week about class sleepover - problem with boys and girls sleeping in same space, also senior class mixers

  • Irvin - physical suggestion box?

  • Amelia - haunted house coming up at end of the month

    • sound effects/more props/fog machines/speaker saying names

    • send scary suggestions to Amelia

  • Andrew - every other week or some time period we could rent out Eaglebrook rink and have an FNHL

    • will talk to Mr. Howe

  • Christina - freshman/sophomore feeds

    • Christina, Claire, Willy will work with Ms. Melvoin

  • Jill and Alex - working on speaker in the Greer

    • make sure it doesn’t get taken

Meeting 9/10/17:

  • Attendance: David, Whitney, Sophie, Caroline, Amelia, Ned, Alex, Brigid, Andrew, Jill, Josh, Lily, Eric

  • Sophie - game of the week

    • Raffle/motivation?

    • Subvarsity + girls?

    • Saturdays

    • Halftime contests

    • Greer ben and jerry’s

    • Drinks? (Dining hall)

  • Whitney - shuttle every 30 mins to and from eagle brook

  • Jill - proposal for senior class to have OVERNIGHT lock-in

    • Price, what to do, snacks

    • Squash courts, either gym

    • Indoor movie screen

    • Winter, post holiday

    • Fun activities

  • Brigid - sleepover for upperclassmen girls

  • Big sister, little sister/and for boys

    • Lily + Brigid

  • Mixers

    • Jill (seniors)

    • Ned (juniors)

    • Whitney, David (sophomores)

    • They should work on freshmen also

  • Winter day - Lily and Caroline

    • Headmaster’s day

      • If they don’t tell us date ask barbato to coordinate with the dining hall

    • Sleds

    • Box of clothing

    • Organized snowball fight

    • Snowman making competition

  • Online suggestion box - Lily

  • AP exam feeds? - Brigid

  • Posting dining hall announcements on bulletin

    • Lily

  • Asking ms Creagh to put stu council website on visible link on bulletin - Lily

  • Senior Video addressed to freshmen? -

  • 101 things - Brigid

Meeting 4/23/17:

  • Attendance: Whitney, Mikey , Daulet , David , Brigid, Gerry, John, Sophie, Sarah, Jack, Valerie, Danny

  • Elected Eric Kim as new Student council chair

  • meeting adjourned.

Meeting 4/16/17:

  • Attendance: Lily, David, Mikey, Gillian, Eric, Danny, Amelia, Platt, Sophie, Val, Gerry

  • Sunday May 7 , 2017 presidential election

  • Sunday, April 23, 2017 chair of sc

  • Richardson’s ice cream spring day

  • slip n slide for

  • Gillian, Val, David, Alex, Mikey, Sophie, Amelia scooping ice cream

  • “a lot of people told me it solved a lot of issues” - Lillian Louis

  • Sophie’s sophomore feeds

  • One card laundry card

  • Student council should post recap of sit-down announcements

  • Spring day planning 13

  • meeting adjourned.

Meeting 3/5/2017:

  • Attendance: David, Alex, Eric, Whitney, Mikey, John, Gerry, Valerie, Jack, Daulet, Lily, and Danny

  • spring day: water balloons, water guns, ice cream. Slip n slide.

  • Valerie, Alex, Gillian help with planning

  • Foam pit for spring day (Gillian)

  • Rent real slip n slide

  • Gotcha first couple weeks in spring (input-isa from juniors)

  • Amelia suggestion for opening up Crow commons

  • Sophomores halfway curfew during spring

  • Kimmer in charge of finding quads games

  • silverware follow up

  • Comedy night

  • Claire Koeppel invite to meetings(head of SPC?)

  • Amelia get a working jukebox(John Laprade)

  • Follow up email on xbox live

  • Will M working on finding better parking spaces for day students

  • no presidential debate

  • Kimmer is running for chair of student council

  • delegating tasks for next year for different positions inside of student council?

Projects Meeting 2/12/17:

  • Attendance: Amelia, Brigid, Alex, Jack, Gillian, Valerie, Sophie, John, Danny, Daulet

  • Daulet:

    • Comedy night, met with Barbato, BB loves the idea. To get approved, we need short paragraph about why we need to have this comedy night:

    • “Deerfield Scrawl” inspired. Impersonations, et cetera. Teacher-Students, students-teacher

    • Comedy night statement: "In the midst of the snowy winter Deerfield Sudent Council thinks it imperative that we have a Deerfield Comedy Night to raise winter blues so everyone can gather together as a community to laugh. From skits to impersonations and improv it would be a great time to be had by all. We wish to laugh together and not laugh at one another. All must be respectful and have approval for impersonations before hand. " -Danny

  • Amelia:

    • Art wall

    • Each grade service day

  • Brigid:

    • Boards in dining hall for 100 things to do before graduation

    • Day students and head of school day, foreshadowing that date

  • Valerie and Sophie:

    • Sophomores later study hall

    • Feeds going well

  • John Esposito:

    • Game of the week ok

    • Barnyard theme

    • will email barbato on food for swim meet

  • Jack:

    • Deerfield doing process of decision making framework

    • re-examine values

    • re-examining dress codes

Meeting 1/22/17:

  • (everyone in attendance)

  • Amendments to constitution

  • Detailed amendments provided later on

Meeting 1/8/17:

  • Attendance: Eric, Whitney, Sara, Will, David, Gerry, Mikey, Alex, John, Gillian, Amelia, Lily, Daulet, Danny, Sophie, Valerie

  • Valentines dance cancelled

  • for outdoor rink

  • email to move printer

  • Will:

    • Constitution isnt how we function, he will write it up and discuss it at next meeting.

    • Ice skating rink

  • Extended curfew for every night that there is a dance

  • Candy grams for valentine days

  • John half time game, game of the week

  • Brigid:

    • 100 things you should do before graduation

  • Sara:

    • Senior skate night

    • Beating up rink before renovation

    • Comedy night

    • Poster competition for games

    • Suede beanbags

Meeting 12/4/16:

  • Attendance: Sophie, Whitney, Valerie, David, Mikey, John, Gerry, Amelia, Danny, Lily, Alex.

  • Candy-Cane grams: Sophie, Valerie, David, John, Gerry, Amelia involved

  • Candy Canes __$

  • Write name on sheet, how many they buy, index cards for each one. and then we go buy

  • Later curfew for dances (Amelia)

  • Pool party weekend after christmas break

Meeting 11/6/16:

  • Attendance: Sophie,David, GOC< Whitney, Sarah, John, Eric, Gerry, Mikey, Gerry, Daulet, Lily, Will, Alex, Brigid, Valerie, Danny

  • Rags (bucket underneath)

  • Ideas for Winter term: ice rink/secret santa, etc.

Meeting 10/9/16:

  • Attendance: Gillian, Sarah, John, Jack, Valerie, Gerry, Whitney, Daulet, Eric, Alex, Lily, Amelia, Danny, Sophie running sophomore event. (absent: Mikey)

  • introductions

  • motion to add an underclassman day student representative

  • Haunted house October 28,

  • Post on forum if people want to participate in haunted house

  • Choate week: Monday-dress like Choate, Tuesday-street day(wall street... etc), Wednesday-mismatch, Thursday- curricular, Friday- Green and white).

  • Ice cube trays for every dorm

  • All homework on canvas, extended wifi because of that?

  • Kids who can buy a hotspot for all night, not fair to people who cannot afford.

  • Add a faculty advisor (Ms. O'Donnell proposed) ?

Meeting 9/25/16:

Attendance: Shane, Amelia, Lily, Sophie, Eric, Daulet, and Danny.

-Eric and Lily running Freshman elections. 

-Amelia and Daulet Sophomore elections. 

-Amelia choate week ideas: PJ day, Channel (disney, MTV), Twin day, Green and White, Hall day, 

-Lily met with Ms. Creagh, didn't approve junior, senior wifi.

-Lily brought up newspaper for sunday brunches, printer in mail room.

-Two dorms testing out free silverware.

-Mac and Field, Scaife and Mather need new furniture (beanbags?)

-move TVs to upper floor common rooms

-Sophie's feed moved to weekend after next

-Actual Ben and Jerry's vending machine (Greer) bring up to McCarthy

Meeting 9/22/16:

Attendance: Sarah, Daulet, Amelia, Alex, Lily, Sophie, John, Gillian, Danny and Jack.

-LM new ping pong table approved

-Field TV??

-Poc and Mac need new TVs 

-Change furniture in Mac

-Rags for dining hall, need to have a clean tray and dirty tray

-Lily will propose the firecode beanbags for dorms

-Rosho and Field food vending machines (Daulet)

- Amelia air mattresses

-Get link to student council website on bulletin

-Gillian, Amelia, and Lily organize choate week

-Daulet will post the minutes on the Student Forum.

-Printer in mailbox room

-Advisory lunch for new students had different system, 15 minutes before meal started people can bring out hot food

-Eric naughty cereal

-Big stations of ketchup (Daulet)

-Sophie , all sophomore girls feed.

-Boys too? 

-Sophie met with Sherburne and Bicknell scheduled 3 dates of Sophomore and Freshman feeds. (one per term)

- Variety of fruit from dining hall

Meeting 9/11/16:

Attendance: Alex, Lily, Amelia, Eric, Gillian, Sarah, John, Daulet, Jack, and Danny


  • September 25 date for Freshman and Sophomore SC elections

  • Amelia brings up past idea of haunted house for Halloween

  • Alex brings up lost and found problem, shoes are put there and then taken away. Get communal shoe racks for each foyer of the dorm.

  • Lily brings up reducing APs for a lost keycard, change from 7 to 2.

  • APs increase each time.

  • Gillian- idea scanner app.

  • Amelia gets credit for the music on move in day.

  • Eric wants more hammocks.

  • Gillian wants to make prom free.

  • Sarah brings up having a senior class trip (six flags??)

  • Sarah- photobooths at all big dances (if not maybe ask student photographers)

  • Amelia hoedown actually in a barn

  • John brings up tetherball courts for quads

  • John and Jack bring up idea of ethics committee brought back for Disciplinary processes.

  • Alex extending sweater season

  • Dress down fridays?? -Lily

  • Daulet brings up senior priveleges, if average goes up, ________.

  • Find out school year budget for student council.

  • Joint meetings with SPC?

  • Gillian and Amelia plan Choate week.

  • John wants flood lights for games.

  • Cheaper storage options? Why cant each dorm's storage be used? -Daulet

  • Extended wifi? 1 am cutoff not ok. -Lily

  • Sarah suggests individual class events.

  • Brother sister halls more meetings -Lily.

Meeting adjourned.